Trekking & Hiking in Nepal

From the casual walker to the more experienced trekker, Nepal is the ultimate destination to experience and explore the magnificent beauty of the Himalayas. To enjoy thrilling views of seemingly endless and majestic mountains doesn’t always mean mountain climbing. While the ascent of a Himalayan peak sounds exciting and exhilarating, there are far less technical adventures awaiting you. Trekking usually means walking the mountain trails, crossing streams using swinging bridges, and exploring unique mountain villages.  This is what most visitors to Nepal want and we have just the adventure for you. 

Nepal is home to fourteen of the highest mountains in the world and is one of the most popular destinations for trekking through diverse natural beauty, unrivaled scenery, majestic mountains and the chance to experience local ethnic culture.  And the best part if you don’t have to be a technical climber to have an amazing adventure.  Add in endless nature and wildlife and a chance to see Mount Everest, and you’ve got a true paradise for trekkers from all over the world.

Explore the links below to view some of our most popular itineraries. Then contact us to discuss your particular interests, your activity level, and your budget. We can customize any of our pre-planned adventures to make yours unique and rewarding.

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