Adventure Activities in Nepal

The word adventure is more suitable for youths and youths are naturally made for adventure. The highest peak of the world Mount Everest lies in our country Nepal and it is not necessary to mention that Nepal is the land of great Himalayas and gigantic mountains which are very challenging and it is not designed for all. But youth are the one who can accept those challenges and trekkers also feel comfortable to find the company of youth for the adventure. Youth Adventure includes the features of risky and breathe taking and youths are the ones who have courage and stamina to accomplish the adventures like bungee jumping, rafting, mount climbing and so on. 

The most essential quality which is necessary for adventure or say youth adventure is the good health. So, from different perspective like physical, mental and psychological, Youth Adventure is the energetic and most adventurous type of trekking. Geographically, Nepal is a boon with high lands and low lands. Most of the times people need to walk through the thick jungles for a long time. Youth Adventure is the exciting adventure where a guide and youth both can enjoy the adventure without any compromise. Some of the popular destinations for Youth Adventure in Nepal are Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Mountain Climbing, Rafting in Trishuli and BhoteKoshi River, Paragliding, Ultra-Light and Zip flying in Pokhara.