At Tyamke Travels, we are cautious when it comes to Responsible Travel. We are aware that tourism has both positive and negative impact on the environment and society. So, to make the best out of tourism, we make sure that our company's tourism services have a less negative impact on the community and the environment as possible.

On the other hand, we also make sure that the positivity of tourism has as much impact as possible. 

Below are listed some of the things we aim to do with our company's tourism services.

  • Creating meaningful connections between our guests and the locals to not only provide an enjoyable experience but also let guests get intimate with the culture and environment. 
  • We use local guides and porters only which generated greater job opportunities among locals. 
  • We always are careful that we contribute to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage. 
  • Support local business and respect local culture by choosing locally owned businesses for home-stay, restaurants and much more. 
  • We do not support using one-use plastic bottles and other one-use items as they are the main reason behind littering. 
  • We also promote using locally available litter boxes and carrying one's garbage back while trekking and touring. 
  • Overall, we want to enhance the positive impact of tourism while minimizing the negative ones.