Tyamke Travels Pvt. Ltd sees potential Nepal has when it comes to offering people from all over the world with experience, unlike anything. With the flatlands in Terai featuring greenery and unique flora and fauna, the hill with swift flowing rivers and the high Himalayas featuring the world's tallest mountain, Mt. Everest itself, Nepal is a heaven on earth. 

Unlike anywhere in the world, Nepal is very rich in both natural beauty and culture, and our founders of created Tyamke decades ago with an aim to share this unique experience of Nepal with people all around the world. 

Our founders who have been working in the field of tourism for decades now founded Tyamke with the aim and today; we are one of the top travel and ticketing company in Nepal. As of now, we cater thousands of people every year to provide them with the best, hassle-free experience in Nepal. 

Moreover, we are not only an agency approved by the government. We work very closely with organizations like TAAN, the umbrella company to all travel agencies in Nepal, which makes Tyamke even more authentic. One of our founders served in numerous positions for the organization, and we are highly recommended by TAAN, itself. 

Other than our relationship with such organizations, Tyamke's operators and guides also work as closely with our clients, as possible to get updated about all their problems and queries, as we guarantee 100% satisfaction. 

Likewise, the majority of our customers have been working with us closely for years now, and according to them, they still work with us because of our customer service. Now, all we aim is to increase our circle and work with people like you to make you a part of our Tyamke family. 

✈️✈️✈️✈️ सस्तो र भरपर्दो हवाई टिकट अब तपाईंको हातमा✈️✈️✈️✈️

के तपाईं हवाईजहाजबाट कतै यात्रा गर्ने योजनामा हुनुहुन्छ ?

के तपाईंलाई टिकट काट्न झन्छटीलो लागेको छ?

तपाईको समस्याको समाधान हामी संग छ नि !

अहिलेनैं हामीलाई संझनुहोस्????

अब तपाईका स्वदेश तथा विदेश घुम्ने रहरहरु ट्याम्के ट्राभल्स एण्ड टुर्सले प्रा.लि.ले साकार पारिदिनेछ छ। 

"आफु पनि घुम्न जाऔं साथै आफन्तहरुलाई पनि घुम्न जान प्रेरित गर्नुहोस।"